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Cornell students are researching and re-designing a model for affordable and sustainable housing for low-income Nicaraguan families. This is the first of a series of ecological housing developments for which SNN will serve as a model. Our vision is to create a community that is resilient enough to withstand economic and environmental change. We envision a design process that uses technologies accessible and replicable in a low-income setting.

In early January of 2013, 20 members of our team will be travelling to Nicaragua to build a model sustainable home that will serve to guide future housing developments across the country. Our house design is nearly complete and now we need your help to make our vision a reality.

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  • Design a compact and affordable house around the model of “sweat equity.”
  • Incorporate technologies and building materials such that the home promotes health, economic sustainability, beauty, and ecological values.
  • Produce an urban design which situates the “small house” model in the context of a 30-home cooperative.
  • Implement an innovative design that nonetheless respects existing cultural folkways by engaging the residents in the planning process.
  • Make the highest quality house while adhering to a restricted budget and focusing on a comprehensive sustainability plan.

OUR PARTNERS                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

SosteNica, our host organization, promotes economic and community development in many regions of Nicaragua through credit, technical assistance and outreach to low income businesses and small farm families. SosteNica is a federally approved non-profit organization that uses its credit programs to promote reforestation, environmental restoration, community gardens, ecological housing cooperatives, as well as assisting with small business development.

CEPRODEL, SosteNica’s partner in Nicaragua, promotes sustainable local development by affording greater economic, organisational and technological options to the most vulnerable sectors of Nicaragua’s population. CEPRODEL is guided by the following principals: economic efficiency, technological appropriateness, ecological sensitivity, social justice, and cultural acceptability. In addition to managing a credit portfolio, CEPRODEL offers municipal consulting activities as well as low-income housing construction programs.



  • Members of SNN will be traveling to Nagarote.


All donations on this campaign will go directly towards SosteNica who will be covering the material costs and externalities for the construction of our prototype building. Because SosteNica is registered as a 501(c)3, your donation will be tax deductible. You will receive an email after your contribution with our tax ID number.

Even if we do not reach our goal, the funds will still go directly towards costs of the prototype building — we will do additional fundraising over the winter to make up for the difference. Every dollar counts!

Please contact our project director, Kai Keane, for further information:

Connect to Sustainable Neighborhoods Nicaragua

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